Groundsure Avista

The new residential environmental search report

Groundsure have launched their latest report, Avista. A comprehensive environmental report for residential property buyers that clarifies risks from seven environmental searches. 106 million data points are analysed and filtered based on Land Registry polygons to produce each report accurately.

The seven searches included in Avista are contaminated land, all four major flood risks, ground stability, radon, current and planned energy features and transportation and 10 years of planning data.

Groundsure Avista was designed to save you time - containing less than 20 pages for the full report, it only includes the results that your client needs to be aware of. It also saves you money, by ordering Avista, it will only cost you a third of the price if you were to order all seven searches individually.

To improve the clarity of the report, Groundsure have created the Avista Action Alert. This will highlight any recommended next steps and fall on a scale of 1-5. The alert will allow you to improve case management and help prioritise work.

Groundsure Avista

1- Minimal actions identified - only minimal next steps have been recommended, which should not affect the completion of the transaction.

5- Likely transaction delay - the recommended next steps are likely to affect the property transaction completion timings.

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