Utility reports for property due diligence can be a confusing tangle of expensive and often superfluous data.

Groundsure Utility cuts through the confusion with the most comprehensive and reliable search report.

The report is delivered in partnership with Technics Group, a leading surveying organisation, and Emapsite, a leading mapping provider.

Ordering the report is could not be simpler - just choose the product needed and additional costs will be visible upfront with no hidden extras or caveats.

The report’s features include:

  • a results schedule detailing which utilities are or are not affected by the search area. Response details are formatted by utility type for easy reference
  • the widest array of utility providers of telecoms, internet and fibre optic networks, gas and oil pipelines, power transmission, rail and underground tunnels/service lines
  • additional information such as National Rail infrastructure and Royal Mail underground tunnels in London (available depending on area searched)
  • supporting correspondence from utility providers
  • full utility company contact details.


Groundsure Utility offers a simple online one stop shop and searches by utility type so there is no need to pay for unnecessary data.

Prices: please contact us for price information.