Groundsure Review

Why choose Review?

The Groundsure Review combines the most recent and detailed contamination and flood risk data to provide a comprehensive risk assessment.

Accepted by all major UK lenders, this report supports your professional requirements under The Law Society and RICS Red Book.

Who does Review help?

Residential No Commercial Yes
Existing properties Yes Development sites Yes
Nationwide Yes Specific areas No
Buyers Yes Lenders Yes
Vendors Yes Tenants No

How does Review work?

Our unique historical land use database details individual land use information dating back to the 1840s. It is combined with thorough flood information including sources of predicted flooding as well as historical flood events to deliver an accurate, reliable overview of risk.

What does Review reveal?

It reveals:

  • comprehensive contaminated land assessment based on Groundsure’s unique historical land use database, environmental permits, incidents and registers data plus active and historical landfill and waste site data
  • details on whether the site represents acceptable banking security from an environmental risk perspective
  • detailed flood risk opinion including river, coastal and surface water flooding and historic flood events
  • underground electricity cables and gas transmission pipelines.
  • geology, hydrology and hydrogeology
  • designated environmentally sensitive sites including green belt, local nature reserves and national parks
  • ground stability assessment including non-coal mining and subsidence risks.
  • coal mining review
  • additional information covering overhead powerlines and existing and proposed mobile phone masts.


This report is available in one to two days.