Mining Searches CON29M

Why choose a Mining Searches CON29M?

Mining Searches UK were established in 1978, with experts who provide robust, clear and concise opinions. They are trusted specialists in assessing the legacy of historical mining activity.

Mining Searches CON29M provides a clear, concise report, includes a jargon free professional opinion summary and a clear plan with the property in relation to mining data.

Who does Mining Searches CON29M help?

Residential  Yes  Commercial  Yes 
Existing properties  Yes  Development sites  Yes 
Nationwide  Yes  Specific areas  No 
Buyers  Yes  Lenders  Yes 
Vendors  Yes  Tenants  No 

How does a Mining Searches CON29M work?

The report for both residential and commercial properties is produced in accordance with CON29M guidance from The Law Society and prepared using official data from The Coal Authority.

The report includes £10 million Professional Indemnity Insurance along with data change insurance cover up to £100,000.

What does a Mining Searches CON29M reveal?

  • Answers all official CON29M coal mining questions
  • Past, present and future underground and opencast coal mining
  • Details of any coal mine entries within 20 metres
  • Subsidence damage claims within 50 metres


The report is available within 1 working day