An easy to understand flood risk screening report for individual properties, Argyll Floodsolutions Residence provides an accurate and affordable view of all types of major flooding.

This report uses the latest data from JBA Risk Management, Ordnance Survey, Environment Agency and the British Geological Survey.

This data is analysed by an experienced IEMA-accredited consultant who understands the nuances and interdependencies of the data and who will provide an intelligent risk assessment and commentary.

flood road closed

Key issues the report covers include:

  • the risk and likely depth of surface water flooding, a major cause of flooding in urban areas
  • the latest National Flood Risk Assessment data from the Environment Agency as recommended by the Association of British Insurers
  • dam break data from JBA Risk Management which identifies flood risk from failed local dams and reservoirs.

In addition, the report is backed up by direct access to the consultant for any follow up queries.

Price: please contact us for price information.