Groundsure Planning

Why choose Planning?

Groundsure Planning provides detailed planning application information within the vicinity of the property, dating back 10 years.

It features full planning information ranging from house extensions through to large planning project applications as well as existing and planned phone masts.

Who does Planning help?

Residential Yes Commercial No
Existing properties Yes Development sites Yes
Nationwide Yes Specific areas No
Buyers Yes Lenders Yes
Vendors Yes Tenants No

How does Planning work?

This report utilises the most accurate and complete commercially available historical and current planning data provided by Glenigan. It is recognised as the most comprehensive data of its kind.

Groundsure Planning also features local information about the community including transport links, recreation, retail and entertainment, etc.

Data about schools, council tax bands, police and crime statistics are also included as standard. This is useful information for those who are planning to move to a new area.

An essential part of a conveyancer’s due diligence in a residential transaction is highlighting the likely planning and development changes within the locality.

Standard searches will not always obtain full information such as historical planning applications, land use changes and neighbourhood insight that could have significant impacts on the future valuation and enjoyment of a property.

What does Planning reveal?

It reveals:

  • house extension and project planning applications from the last 10 years
  • Ofcom mobile phone mast locations and planning applications relating to phone masts
  • designated environmentally sensitive sites
  • local information including transport, recreation, retail and entertainment
  • local authority data including council tax bands and police force
  • education data inspection ratings
  • crime statistics by crime type.


This report is available in one day.