Landmark Plansearch Plus

Why choose Plansearch Plus?

PlansearchPlus provides a report on the last seven years of planning applications in your clients’ area of interest.

The report also gives details of local authority planning policy indicating important potential future development.

It provides a full picture of a neighbourhood, including schools, population demographics, housing types and average prices. Additionally, there is a summary of key local amenities.

Who does Plansearch Plus help?

Residential Yes Commercial No
Existing properties Yes Development sites No
Nationwide Yes Specific areas No
Buyers Yes Lenders Yes
Vendors Potentially Tenants Potentially

How does Plansearch Plus work?

Designed specifically for residential buyers and their solicitors, the report provides key information so that clients can make informed decisions when buying a property.

As part of the necessary due diligence, a Plansearch Plus report demonstrates that all practicable steps to reasonably identify information that the client would want to know has been undertaken.

What does Plansearch Plus reveal?

It reveals planning applications, local development plans and neighbourhood information plus a detailed overview of past, current and future proposals for the area.


This report is available in one day.

Further information

Product card available on request.