Frequently asked questions


How do I unsubscribe from the Wessex Searches service?

  1. Log into the searches website
  2. On the My Searches page, select the My Account tab
  3. Select Update my details on the My Account page
  4. Select Edit details/Change password on the Update my details page
  5. Select the Account tab located in the top right corner on the Profile page
  6. Select the Manage button under Your Services
  7. On Your Online Services page at the bottom select I don’t want to use this service any more.
  8. Confirm or cancel by selecting either Yes or Cancel buttons
  9. Enter your reason for unsubscribing from the searches service and select the Unsubscribe button located below.

Can I resubscribe to Wessex Searches using the same user credentials I provided on first registration?

Yes. When you sign in for the first time after unsubscribing from the Wessex Searches services, you will be asked to resubscribe to the service. In doing so, you are able to continue to use your original credentials.