Bristol LLC1 to be digitised

From 20th July 2023 the LLC1 component of the Official Local Authority search produced by Bristol City Council will be migrating to Land Registry.

Please be assured this will have no effect to the way that you place orders for this search or how the results are returned to you, however the layout of the LLC1 will visually appear different.

The digitisation will bring many benefits to you, such as:

  • guaranteed result with consistent data quality;
  • the full spatial extent of every charge appears on the search result;
  • consistent quality of data which provides clear and accurate search results;
  • unlimited repeat searches for six months to check for any new charges before completing a transaction;
  • secure, digitally signed and tamperproof, ensuring authenticity.

If you would like to find out more information about the Official Local Authority product you can view the product page.

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