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Naturally when you think of mining this is associated with coal, however, there were many more reasons why mining was such a big industry. Other materials and precious metals were extracted across the UK in large quantities and for long periods of time.

Furthermore, ground stability issues can arise as a result of other factors not associated with mining. For example, instability and subsidence can be caused after heavy rainfall events. Many search reports nowadays will advise on coal, non-coal mining and other ground issues.

Sometimes the consequences of past activities can take a long time to show. Therefore, it is important to understand the historic use of the land your client is purchasing. Our built in hazard alerts make it easier for you to know areas of potential risk.

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*The Terrafirma Ground, Groundsure GeoRisk+ or Landmark CON29M.

We offer a range of mining and ground stability reports to suit your client’s needs. Here are just some that we believe make a great match with the CON29DW!


The Terrafirma Ground report satisfies the ground perils guidance in the 25th Edition of the Law Society Conveyancing Handbook.

It covers all types of mining, including Coal, Tin and metals, Limestone, Bath stone, Brine, Gypsum, Chalk, Clay, Stone and Iron. Therefore, there is no need to order multiple mining reports, or spend time researching which report is required; you can rely on the Ground Report to identify all ground and mining hazards.


Did you know that a total number of 146,147 properties are within the Cheshire Brine Compensation District? The Groundsure GeoRisk+ includes a full Cheshire Salt Search when the property is within the district.

As well as this it includes a fully integrated CON29M and a mine entry interpretive assessment.


The Landmark CON29M provides professional opinion as standard written by experienced Mineral Surveyors with practical next steps.

The report doesn’t stop at just provided information on past mining, but it also advises on current and future underground and surface coal mining activities.

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