Groundsure Radon Update

Effective from 1st December 2022, Groundsure will be making an update to their radon dataset. The dataset (from British Geological Survey) is included within some of their environmental reports.

There will be no changes to the radon potential class, however, the areas have been expanded and the location accuracy further improved.

This will affect all of the Groundsure residential and commercial environmental search reports with the exception of the following: Georisk, Georisk+, Flood, Floodview, CON29M, Cheshire Salt Search, Energy and Transportation.

If your client is concerned that these changes could affect ongoing property transactions, Groundsure recommend that you order a refresher Radon Check or obtain a new environmental search. Please note that the client’s CON29 Local Authority search result may also differ after 1st December 2022.

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