Landmark Planning

We would like to let you know that from 29th January 2021, Landmark’s Plansearch Plus will be relaunched as the new Landmark Planning report. As a result, the Plansearch product will also be retired.

The key features of the Landmark Planning search will be:

  • Details regarding nearby planning applications
  • Information about the type of developments being carried out in the area
  • Unique display data of the majority of the UK’s large planning applications, shown as polygons
  • Proposed future land uses
  • Insight into the neighbourhood including rights of way, housing, demographics, schools and amenities.

Please also note that as part of the relaunch of this search, the RRP of the new Landmark Planning report will be increasing from £31 to £35 (including VAT).

You can view the full product page on our site here.

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