Landmark product updates 

Landmark will be making some changes to their product portfolio in November. Please see the details outlined below: 

Estate Solutions Farm 

From 2nd November, Argyll’s agricultural search report, Estate Solutions Farm is going to be renamed SiteSolutions Farm.  

Enhancements include: 

  • New design making it easier to use with clear summary of results 
  • Upgraded to include a manual assessment of flood risk 
  • Full energy and Infrastructure analysis 
  • Enhanced agricultural considerations section including Open Access Land, Agricultural Land Classifications, Countryside Stewardship Schemes and Environmental Stewardship Schemes

Flood Solutions Consult Residential

With effect from 5th November, the Flood Solutions Consult Residential will be retired and will no longer be available to order. Instead, Landmark recommend customers who would usually order this report, to order the Landmark Flood or Riskview Residential.

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