New from Landmark coming 3rd January


The Riskview Residential will now be covering planning applications and planning constraints data!

The Riskview Residential is an All-In-One report which provides a full analysis of a range of environmental factors which could affect a properties chances of selling. The five environmental factors covered in the report are: Contaminated Land, Flood, Energy & Infrastructure, Ground Stability and Planning Information.

The new Planning feature provides information on both applications and constraints. Both at the property and in the surrounding area. This new feature will be helpful for homebuyers who wish to make changes to the property that would require planning consultation.

The report includes a full Landmark Flood search meaning that if a high risk of flooding is identified, the data will then be reviewed by a Flood Consultant from Argyll Environmental Solutions.

The front cover will show a brief overview of each of the five environmental factors. Providing a rating of either "None identified" or "Further Action". This means that you can quickly find the relevant information with regards to the potential risks at the property.

Landmark offer a free re-order service with this product to support long property transactions so that you can make sure your client is provided with the most up to date information throughout the process.


The Landmark Flood report previously known by the name Homecheck Professional Flood provides a detailed assessment of flood risks. Covering the four main sources of flooding, which are, rivers, coastal, groundwater and surface water.

Within the report, if a high risk of flooding is identified, an expert Flood Consultant at Argyll Environmental Solutions will manually interpret and review the risk data to ensure that the overall risk assessment is accurate. The Landmark Flood will also provide information on the proximity to and elevation above historic flood events and watercourses.

The NEW FEATURE in the Landmark Flood means that each report will determine whether the property is eligible for Floodre. This will be answered on the front cover making it quick and easy for the reader.

In the same way as Landmark's other reports you will get an overall rating on the front cover. The ratings being either Passed, Passed Moderate or Further Action required. The front cover of the report will also display a bar chart comparing the properties likelihood of being affected by the four main sources of flooding.

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