Perfect Partners series: Agriculture

Perfect Partners Agriculture

Agricultural farming methods and land uses vary, thus can pose different environmental hazards and contamination risks not just on the site, but also the surrounding area and can affect future land uses. It’s important to understand the land’s history, scale of activities and processes involved in any production and maintenance to help avoid any liability for the landowners.

Has the land been infilled? Has there been the use of chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, and fertilisers, and where are these stored? Is fuel stored on site? Is slurry and waste collected and stored on site, and at what location on site? Does the land hold any environmental permits?

These are all questions your client will want answered to know they are fully informed, and any risks are uncovered with the next steps considered.

Reports tailored to agricultural transactions are key to receiving focused risk advice that is compliant with the Law Society and will be accepted by lenders. Here are the ones we think are perfect alongside a CON29DW:

Groundsure Agricultural

The report provides a Law Society compliant detailed manual assessment by Groundsure’s in-house IEMA qualified consultants that offers pragmatic and agricultural focused expert insight to farming sites. A manual assessment is provided using Groundsure’s unique historical data which analyses 27,000+ specific land use classifications dating back to the 1840’s, as well as guidance on Section B8 of the Law Society Conveyancing handbook.

Argyll SiteSolutions Farm

The Argyll SiteSolutions Farm is written and quality assessed by an expert consultant using CIE complaint data and mapping. Bespoke recommendations are tailored to your transaction, reviewing historical mapping and environmental data with agricultural considerations kept at the forefront of the analysis.

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