Perfect Partners Series: Lawyer Checker

Perfect Partners Lawyer Checker

Cybercrime takes place every second of the day, so it is important that you take steps against fraud to safeguard against fraudsters and human error. At any one time, 11,000 criminal organisations are targeting the legal sector to gain access to funds that are being transferred between client accounts, or even setting up their own firm by stealing identities to dupe innocent people into sending money to them.

Vendor Conveyancing Fraud is real and it is crucial to ensure safety for you, your clients, and your business.

You can have a robust risk management strategy for both Residential and Commercial transactions that protects your firm from financial and reputational damage, and documented proof of security process and due diligence, all whilst adhering to the SRA Principles 4, 5, and 10, by ordering a Lawyer Checker with every CON29DW today!

Lawyer Checker Account & Entity Screen

The Lawyer Checker report checks the account details of a solicitor you are sending funds to against 10 unique databases in real time including SRA scam alerts and notices, with results consolidated within 4 working hours. All that is required is the company name, postcode, sort code, account number and SRA/CLC number to undertake a search that will return a result identifying frequent, infrequent, or unknown usage within conveyancing.

A free refresh service is available to ensure there have been no changes on the way before the completion of the transaction.

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