Terrafirma Ground Report update - Coatal erosion

From 14th September Terrafirma will be enhancing their Ground Report to include coastal hazards.

The importance of knowing the potential risks that could be caused to your property by coastal hazards has been exemplified in recent news stories. There have been several cases where properties positioned near to the coast have experienced significant structural damage as a result of coastal erosion, some even collapsing completely. This has prompted Terrafirma to introduce this new feature into their Ground report.

Terrafirma have shared with us that it is estimated that £1bn of UK property will be lost to the sea over the next century. This statistic further displays the importance of examining ground risks so that you can instruct your client accordingly.

The new feature will utilise coastal hazard data and will also consider the potential impact of climate change on these hazards. In addition, the front page of the report will have a traffic light key against the risks that have been searched. This makes it easy for the reader to quickly navigate the report and see where further action may be required.

The great news is that coastal hazards will be included within the Ground Report with no extra cost to you!

You can view the product page and sample report here.

If you have any further questions, please do get in touch at contactus@wessexsearches.co.uk or on 01225 526206.