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CON29DW Residential (website) - Price: £59.00

  • Launched by the Law Society, the Official CON29DW is an essential part of the conveyancing process.
  • Ensures any drainage and water matters that may impact the buyer are identified and reduces the risk of any future liabilities.

CON29DW Residential (post/email) - Price: £69.19

  • As above.
  • Our order form must be used for requests made by this method.

Additional connection - Price: £33.35

  • May be required if the property has more than one connection e.g. a block of flats.


CON29DW Commercial - Price: £144.43

  • For small to medium-sized commercial premises and land up to one hectare/10,000m2.
  • Includes details for up to 2 connections.
  • Information on trade effluent included.

CON29DW Commercial Extra - Price: £286.54

  • For premises of high value, multiple connections or areas measuring over one hectare/10,000m2 and above.
  • Includes details for up to 4 connections.
  • Information on trade effluent included.

We offer a wide range of additional products for both residential and commercial property transactions complete with competitive discounts when ordered with the Official Drainage and Water Enquiry. An instant quote facility can also be found on your online portal which can later be converted to a search order, saving you time re-logging your search.

If you would like further information on additional product prices, please contact us.