FCI Premium Plus Planning Residential


The Future Climate info Premium Plus Planning residential report contains all the information from the standard report and includes data on energy and infrastructure, flood, mining, contaminated land and now with the addition of planning too!


FCI Premium Plus is suitable for the following:

  • Residential
  • Existing properties
  • Nationwide
  • Buyers
  • Vendors
  • Lenders

FCI Premium Plus is not suitable for the following:

  • Commercial
  • Development sites
  • Specific areas
  • Tenants


The report comprises the relevant datasets from all the key information sources, which includes FCI’s own high quality research of historical maps for potentially contaminated land and in-filled land.

Each data module consists of various information which is key to an environmental report. Consideration of environmental issues and contaminated land has become a key element of the conveyancing process. Identifying historical industrial activities and past waste disposal practices such as gas works, chemical works, landfill sites, storage works and petrol stations ensures that the homebuyer is informed in-line with Law Society guidance.

As well as contamination, other environmental risks can affect a property. The Law Society practice note lists surface water, groundwater, river and coastal as the most common types of flooding. The report contains comprehensive, property-specific information on these flood risks from all the authoritative sources. The report goes further by reporting the recorded history of flooding for the property and an indication is also given of the likelihood of obtaining flood insurance.

It is now common practice in conveyancing to check for ground stability risks such as coal mining, mining in other mineral, areas of unstable ground, natural cavities (such as sinkholes) and clay shrinkage. FCI reports contain comprehensive, property specific information on these risks from all the authoritative sources.

It is increasingly common practice in conveyancing to check for energy and infrastructure risks such as carbon capture and storage, coal bed methane extraction, Crossrail, gas recovery from mines, HS2, hydropower installations, oil, gas and shale gas, major energy, environmental and transport infrastructure projects, power stations, solar farms, underground coal gasification, and wind farms. FCI reports contain comprehensive, property specific information on these risks from all the authoritative sources.

The planning aspect of the report reveals up to date planning applications in the local area surrounding the property including development applications which are lying outside the search boundary but may extend within the area of interest if accepted.

It identifies constraints which may reveal trends that can help the client to see investment potential in the property.

What does this include that the FCI Planning alone does not?

The Premium Plus report also includes environmental searches for contaminated land, flood, mining, ground stability, energy, transportation impacts as well as key planning information.


This report is available within 24 hours.